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HAIC Talk on Post-quantum Cryptography – with Kenneth Paterson

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize industries like drug discovery, materials science, and finance because of the increased computational power it provides. At the same time, it will compromise most of the security methods that we use for communication on the Internet. Security protocols that we use today rely on hard mathematical problems that even supercomputers cannot solve for decades. However, a quantum computer could solve those mathematical problems in hours instead of decades. The potential effects of quantum computing on security protocols is already being studied by cryptographic research community. It has lead to a new field of research: post-quantum cryptography, which develops cryptographic algorithms that are secure even when large-scale quantum computers become commonplace.

In our next HAIC Talk, Professor Kenneth Paterson from ETH Zurich, will tell more about quantum computing and explains the nature of this threat, and how the cryptographic research community, the tech industry, and governments are responding to it.

What: HAIC Talk: Post-quantum cryptography – with Kenneth Paterson

Where: Lumituuli auditorium, Dipoli, Otakaari 24, Espoo

When: 1.11.2019, 16:30-18:00


More information:

HAIC Talks are public lectures on contemporary topics in information security. In the style of studia generalia, these lectures are free and open to everyone. No background knowledge in information security is required. HAIC Talks are made possible through the generous support of the Aalto University School of Science.

While in Dipoli please visit the Quantum Explorations, which is a playful exhibition taking place in Dipoli gallery between the 16th October and 15th November 2019. It opens windows into the current state of quantum technologies. It explains some underlying key concepts and history of the field, and showcases globally-leading research and technology development taking place at the Otaniemi campus.