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HAIC is a strategic initiative set up by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki in June 2016 to ensure excellence in information security research and education. During the last few years, Aalto University and the University of Helsinki have built up strong research groups and education programs in information security and privacy. Collectively these groups represent the best information security expertise in Finland and one of the best in Europe. Both universities also offer a number of information security courses in their curricula which are very popular with students.

HAIC focusses on offering scholarships for talented master’s students choosing to specialize in information security. HAIC scholars are funded by donations from HAIC donors and supporters as well as financial aid from the universities. The total number and type of HAIC scholarships awarded yearly depends on the magnitude of donations received that year. Other HAIC interests are industry outreach to provide industry contacts for students and public outreach to raise public awareness of the importance of information security.

The mission of HAIC is to develop into a world’s leading center for research and education in information security.

Prof. N. Asokan was the founding director of HAIC. He led HAIC from 2016 to 2019.

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Janne Lindqvist
Associate Professor, Director of HAIC (from January 2020)
Aalto University

Valtteri Niemi
Professor, Deputy Director of HAIC
University of Helsinki

Mohit Sethi
Postdoctoral Researcher, Deputy Director of HAIC, Head of HAIC Public Outreach Program
Aalto University

Eija Kujanpää
Manager, International Relations
Aalto University

Niina Idänheimo
Coordinator of HAIC
Aalto University

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