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Upcoming HAIC Talks and Secure Systems Demo Day 2018

Upcoming HAIC Talks

We’re excited to announce two upcoming HAIC Talks by renowned researchers in information security and cryptology.

On June 19 evening at 18:00: Dr. Moti Yung (Snap and Columbia University) will give a HAIC Talk on The Advertisement Exchange: How to Develop Agile Cryptographic Support for an Evolving Ecosystem.  HAIC Talks are open to everyone and free of change. However, we ask you to please register.

On June 20 at noon (as part of Secure Systems Demo Day, see below), Prof. Paul van Oorschot (Carleton University) will give a HAIC Talk on Science of Security—Theory vs. Measuring the Observable World“. You can register for this HAIC Talk at the registration link  for Secure Systems Demo Day.

In addition, On June 19 afternoon at 14:15 Prof. van Oorschot will also deliver a technical talk on Improving real-world systems security: is formal verification of software the answer?” as part of the Aalto University CS Forum talk series. No registration needed for CS Forum talks.

Secure Systems Demo Day

HAIC is sponsoring the annual Secure Systems Demo Day this year.

Secure Systems annual Demo Day 2018 will be held on 20 June at Aalto University. Demo Day is an annual event to showcase  recent research in information security going on in Finland’s capital area. The event is intended to bring local academia and industry together. Demo Day is open to everyone and free of charge!

Event page:

Registration for Secure Systems Demo Day (please register if you plan to attend!).

Advertising open positions to students

Since there will be many students attending the Demo Day, we would like to give the opportunity to our industry partners to meet with the students and advertise internship and thesis positions they have open. Each partner interested in this possibility should send us before May 31, 2018:

  • A PDF containing an A-4 size poster that

    • Identifies the name of the company prominent on the top

    • Briefly describes the company and a list of open positions available there (distinguish between thesis positions, industry positions and regular full-time positions)

    • Include a link and a QR code for further information

  • The names of company representatives who will be attending the event.

We will display the posters on a board during the event. We will also provide each company representative with a clear coloured badge so that students can easily identify them. At the beginning of the event, we will inform students about this opportunity.

If you are interested in presenting your company at Demo Day 2018, please send the requested information (PDF and list of names) to our co-ordinator Dr. Niina Idänheimo, Email: