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HAIC mobility scholarships 2019

To support the international mobility of computer science students at Aalto University School of Science and especially studies in information security field, Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security (HAIC), offers an additional 500€ mobility scholarship on top of Aalto exchange scholarship for one semester exchange studies. The HAIC scholarship can be applied in student exchange application rounds in September 2019, November 2019 and in January 2020. The next application round for HAIC scholarship is 1-20 September 2019.

Eligible target groups

  • Double degree students in SECCLO-Master’s programme in Security and Cloud Computing
  1. SECCLO- self-funded students not benefitting Erasmus Mundus scholarship
  • Outgoing exchange students from the following programmes and with the named majors:
  1. Students in Master’s programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences
    1. major security and cloud computing/security and mobile computing
  2. Students in Bachelor programmes
    1. Science and Technology (major computer science)
    2. Aalto Bachelor programme in Science and Technology (major data science)

Destination: target countries and universities

  • any university with which Aalto has an Erasmus or bilateral exchange agreement
  • SECCLO consortium universities (KTH, NTNU, UT, DTU, Eurecom) are recommended
  • free mover destinations are not eligible

General criteria and number of scholarships available

  • the applicant fulfills School of Science policy for international exchanges and is eligible for HAIC scholarships if selected to exchange destination and if fulfills HAIC criteria for scholarship (target groups)
  • HAIC is not selecting students to exchange destinations nor allocating Aalto scholarships but may grant additional mobility scholarship for eligible students benefitting Aalto scholarship for exchange studies.
  • SECCLO students: your exchange destination is your exit university on 2nd year.
  • Students from other eligible programmes need to apply for the exchange place from the partner university of Aalto University during the Aalto exchange application periods.
  • number of available scholarships: 7 x 500€
    • if more than 7 eligible applicants, the ranking of students according to “Academic index”
    • This number of scholarships is avaialble for the application period 1.-20.9.2019. Number of scholarships for the next application rounds will be updated after the September application round.

Criteria for Bachelor-level students

  • completed CS-C3130 Information Security course in transcript by the time of the application AND
  • at least one information security course in the preliminary study plan for exchange AND
  • the draft study plan for exchange studies is approved by professor Tuomas Aura or N. Asokan

Application procedure:

  • SECCLO-students: please contact for guidelines.
  • Students from other eligible programmes than SECCLO: please complete normal application procedure for exchange studies (in September 2019 or November 2019 for spring 2020 studies and in January 2020 for autumn 2020 studies). You can contact if any questions.