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Oct 31, 2022: HAIC talk: Current State of Applied Cryptography – Attacks, Standardization, Government Requirements, and Best Practices – with John Mattsson

We are happy to announce that HAIC Talks series of public lectures on contemporary topics in cybersecurity will continue and that we are able to organise the coming talks as an onsite events with coffee and buns.

Title: Current State of Applied Cryptography – Attacks, Standardization, Government Requirements, and Best Practices 

Speaker: John Mattsson, Ericsson, Sweden

Time: 31.10.2022 at 16:00 – 17:30 (coffee and buns served from 15:30). The lecture will be approximately 45 minutes, after which there will be time for questions.

Venue: Lumituuli, Dipoli, Aalto University (Otakaari 24, Espoo)

Registration: The event is open to all and free of charge but we ask you to register for the event as it helps us to estimate the number of coffee ordered, thank you.


Lecture Description: Applied cryptography has been a very active area in the last 10 years since the Snowden revelations. From being used selectively, cryptography is now used everywhere for both security and privacy. To prevent pervasive monitoring, mandatory to use encryption, identity protection, and perfect forward secrecy are now seen as requirements. The increased use of crypto has put new requirements on performance, and old standards with questionable security have been replaced with new high-performance algorithms with improved side-channel protection. Current activities include aligning with zero trust principles and making systems resistant to attacks from quantum computers. This talk will explain how and why applied cryptography has evolved in recent years and how it will change with the introduction of post-quantum algorithms and key encapsulation mechanisms.

A man staring at cameraAbout the speaker: John is an expert in cryptographic algorithms and security protocols at Ericsson Research. His work focuses on applied cryptography, security protocols, privacy, IoT security, post-quantum cryptography, and trade compliance. During his 15 years at Ericsson, he has worked with a lot of different technology areas and been active in many security standardization organizations including IETF, IRTF, 3GPP, GSMA, and NIST where he has significantly influenced Internet and cellular security standards. In addition to designing new protocols, John has also found significant attacks on many algorithms and protocols including Polar Bear, GCM, SRTP, CoAP, and SCTP. John holds an M.Sc. in engineering physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and an M.Sc. in business administration and economics from Stockholm University.


The Helsinki-Aalto Institute for Cybersecurity (HAIC) public outreach initiative aims to make cybersecurity more accessible to a broader audience. Part of this initiative, are organizing HAIC Talks, a series of public lectures on contemporary topics in cybersecurity. In the style of studia generalia, these lectures are free and open to everyone. No background knowledge in cybersecurity is required.

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